It’s time
to change
the Course
of your business

Dear unstoppable lady…

I have to be honest with you. Imposter syndrome is killing your business and your confidence.

You’re downloading all the freebies you can get your hands on, watching every webinar and training that pops up on your feed.

And you’re trying everything that they say you have to do… build a list, start a group, direct message, get a website, design a funnel, host a webinar… you name it, you’ve tried it.

But it’s not getting you anywhere…

While you sit there just trying to figure out why you’re doing all the right things but not getting any clients, you’re watching everyone else brag about their 5 and 6 figure months.

6 figures whatever… you’d be ecstatic to just land one client this month!

Working with Sarah completely changed the trajectory of my business. I learned how to get laser-focused in speaking to my target audience. I also gained so much confidence in my unique value proposition, believing I have a lot to offer to my clients by showing up authentically with my expertise. If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, definitely go for it!
Amy Lynn
Curriculum Design Professional

Here's the truth:

You need to stop guessing at how to market your business.

When you sit down to email your list or post on Facebook, you’re guessing. And that guesswork makes it super hard to convince others of your value.

As a result, you aren’t booking clients and your business is going nowhere.

Here’s some more hard truth for you:

Devouring every freebie or training you can get your hands on isn’t going to get you there either.

Everyone else is selling you on the formula that built THEIR business, not the one that will build yours.

All of those blog posts, podcasts and webinars weren’t tailor made for your business.

They’re just other people telling you what worked for them… and there’s no guarantee they’ll work for you.

In fact, they probably won’t.

Because the truth is they’re only telling you part of the story, hoping that you’ll buy whatever they’re selling to get the rest.

So you’re basing your business on bits and pieces of what has worked for other people.

Does that sound like a solid business plan? Is that really what you want to base the future of your business on?

But wouldn’t it be great to stop having to “fake it until you make it”?

To stop having to act like you have it all together… because you actually do have it all together?

... Sarah is the first coach who has given me the actual tools I needed to put all of the pieces together and have success ...
Kristi Packer
Inspirationalist Life Coach and Mentor
What is this imposter syndrome really costing you anyway?

It costs you at least these two things.

First, when you guess at your marketing, you don’t have the real framework to build a thriving business.

And that leads to the second problem – you aren’t charging what you’re worth because you aren’t confident you can actually deliver results to your clients.

As a result, potential clients aren’t confident you can help them either, so they aren’t hiring you!

You’ve been guessing your way through a playbook written by people who’ve guessed and got lucky.

Hoping to turn a single trick into a six-figure business.

But all the tricks in the world aren’t going to do a thing for your business if they aren’t perfectly aligned with your business.

And you’ll never know what’s perfectly aligned with your business until you discover your own path to success.

... After helping me identify this passion, Sarah did a great job of showing me the next steps for marketing an online business and getting everything started and rolling in the right direction.) ...
Cosette Remund
Mindset Coach

Your Future starts today

If there wasn’t so much on the line, maybe it would be okay to walk through business throwing spaghetti against the wall.

But you’re not just trying your hand at this business thing.

There is no plan B. You’re all in, and you have to find a way to make this business work.

You know you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

The future of your business is at stake.

You need to have a solid business foundation and a strategic marketing plan to know what to do next…

… no more guessing!

That’s how you book out your calendar.

Let’s find the perfect level of support for you so we can discover your unique path to success.

Coaching Packages Include

Initial deep dive

Before our first coaching session, you’ll fill out a comprehensive welcome packet that will let us get a jumpstart on targeting where we need to start.

Private coaching sessions

I know that your business is unique, so these 1-on-1 coaching sessions will be tailored to your unique needs and goals. 

Private voxer access

When you’re building a business, questions come up almost daily. Voxer allows you to ask me any and all questions in between calls, so you feel supported at all times.

Dedicated trello board

You’ll have the opportunity to get my eyes on all of your sales page copy, social media posts, emails – you name it! Just add it to our dedicated Trello board for me to review.

Investments Start at $795/month

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