Are you desiring change in your life, motherhood or business?

Stop fearing your next steps and move forward in confidence!

Have you been here:

sitting there in the shadows while everyone around you began pursuing their dreams?

or maybe you're attempting your dreams but you feel stuck and unmotivated in your calling?

Is it possible that you have your dream business but you've stopped making decisions based off fear and being unmotivated?



You are Uniquely Motivated

God has designed us ALL with things that motivate us SO THAT we can share the gifts and abilities HE'S given us with the world!

Do you struggle to make choices, then afterward regret them? Or wonder if that was the BEST thing for your family or business?

Do you wish that you had some standard to go by so that you could confidently set goals with CLARITY?



Hey I'm Sarah!

I'm a Christian Business & Purpose Coach who helps women discover their gifts and abilities so that they can create a business and make money, doing what they love.

Women start businesses or direct sales often without considering:

"Do I even like this?"

"Do I even want this?"

"Is this something sustainable for my family and my own values?"

Getting clarity on what you value and what motivates you is the foundation to a business that is less stressful and more meangingful!

It’s not hard to make a decision when you know what your values are!
— Roy Disney

Imagine yourself in 6 months in your dream business!

You aren't stressed. You have clarity!

You aren't drained. You feel motivated!

You aren't overwhelmed. You are relaxed.

You aren't doing all the things. You're doing what you're good at!


Welcome to Your Unique Motivators:

A course delivered to your Inbox!

4 modules that help you discover the best way to move forward in life and business!

Begin with discovering why your Unique Motivators matter!

Then move into discovery mode!


What are your Unique Motivators?

Let's find out together!



Why Unique Motivators

Begin the module with discovering why your unique motivators matter! What they are and how to discover yours!

You will walk from this module knowing what YOUR UNIQUE MOTIVATORS ARE.


How they motivate!

Module 2 discover why and how your Unique Motivators work! How they motivate us and how to make your decision making EASIER! Learn how to choose what is best for your family and business every single time!

Module 2 is all about putting them into action. You will walk away with inspired action and clarity.


Change and conflict

Can your Unique Motivators change? If so... how?
What to do when your motivators conflict with your family and those in business around you!

And how to GROW through conflict and your Unique Motivators.


This is for you:

-IF you fear decision making

-IF you crave a less stressful life and business

-IF you are unmotivated or STUCK

-IF you desire to set clear goals in alignment with who you were created to be

-IF you have lost confidence in your life or business

-IF you lack commitment to your life and/or business


This is not for you:

-IF you make decisions quickly and efficiently

-IF you are in the exact spot you know you should be in life and business

-IF you have complete confidence in setting goals and reaching them

-IF your life and business feel simple and include minimal stress

What's included:

-3 modules with 4 lessons in each module

-Each lesson will be presented in video format

-Each module will have worksheets to help you personally work through each

-Journal prompts to help you come to a better understanding of the work we go through

-Facebook group to chat with others going through the same unique motivators course work

Ready to discover your own unique motivators?

Get the entire workshop for $47!