The one thing 

What is that one thing?

What do your prayers during the week consistently ask God for?

You know that one prayer that seems to follow you when you pour your coffee, when you’re folding laundry, or when you’re running errands?

What is that one thing that you keep asking for? You know it. It’s not far from your mind.

This week I was reminded of the beauty, the joy and the peace that comes when we ask God to show us HIMSELF. Not show us a version we’ve crafted in our minds of what He should be DOING for us… but truly a prayer of Him showing up as himself.

I rarely get “it” right. I’m not sure I even know what a perfect week would look like.

The one thing he wanted was to DWELL. To just BE with God himself. 

Dwell with God

The main goal of my writing is to help you truly understand who God is. What his character is really like. What the people of old found in him, what our past generations found in Jesus, and if we open our eyes… what we get to see when we dwell with him.

So, I found myself this week searching for what God looks like. What would it be like to DWELL with God in the chaos of the week?

What would it be like to sit at his feet and DWELL? 

And more simply, how does that DWELLING WELL practically show up in the grocery store? 

This week I’ve paused, and began to see where God is actually showing up. I’ve put tremendous effort into not pointing out the places that I’m not seeing him show up or in the ways I think he SHOULD be showing up.

You know that prayer that you keep praying in hopes that He answers? 

Maybe he has some other area that He wants you to see him. Maybe he wants you to see him show up in the life of your child as they play Candy Land. Maybe you need to see God show up in the beauty of a leaf slowly trickling to the ground or a giggle of a friend. Maybe God wants you to see Him show up in the mundane or ordinary.

This message isn’t one of grandeur and magnificence. 

It’s one of simplicity. 

The creator of the universe wants to have a relationship with you. He longs to dwell with you. 

Many times our world is shoving a message of “you’re important” and “you deserve more,” then we begin to miss our on God wanting us to see Him in his beauty, in his dwelling place, in his HOUSE. Not in our own. 

Not our own agenda, but his. 

Not our own version of success, but his. 

Not our own label on him, but his. 

Not our own timeline, but his. 

Psalm 27:8 says 

“You have said, “Seek my face.” 

My heart says to you, “Your face, Lord, do I seek.”

Do you have a conversation like this with the lover of your soul? When he says “seek me,” do you actually look for him to show up?

Pause today and see where you can DWELL with him. 

Pause and see where your agenda is clogging up your ability to just BE with him today.