Kind Words from Previous Clients

Working with Sarah completely changed the trajectory of my business. I learned how to get laser-focused in speaking to my target audience. I also gained so much confidence in my unique value proposition, believing I have a lot to offer to my clients by showing up authentically with my expertise. If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah, definitely go for it!

Amy Lynn

Curriculum Design Professional

I tried on my own for 9 months because I have a knack for figuring out systems. No success, so I finally got a coach (Sarah) and have made more progress with her in 1 month than in 9 months on my own. 

A coach teaches you something in 1 session that takes forever to learn on your own, gives you feedback on ideas, keeps you accountable, and helps you get success!

Cossette Remund

Mindset Coach

I just wanted to say that Sarah Talbert has helped me tremendously!! 3 weeks ago I had just a vague idea of what kind of business I “might” want to do. Now, I have the confidence, the know-how and the clarity to decide on WHAT business, HOW to do said business, and to make a PLAN to execute all she has taught me. She’s incredible and I’ve made huge strides in my business by working with her!

Amy Mendez

Mindset Coach

When I first started working with Sarah I felt scattered, like I knew the general direction I needed to go in, but just wasn’t sure how to get there. Sarah helped me get clear on the foundational items first, working on my own confidence in my abilities and offerings, which in turn helped me see clearly where I was going. 

Then she worked with me to form a plan to get there, an achievable step by step plan. She has a unique way about her that instills a calmness and challenges you at the same time to improve on where you are, and I truly appreciate that in her and that was just what I needed!

Tricia Isham

Web Designer

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