Does it feel like you’re never doing enough when it comes to getting consistent clients?


Are you tired of the roller coaster feeling of one month getting a client and the next month you’re not sure if you can cover the cost of your website expenses?

Does it feel like you’ve done all the right things: buying courses, starting an e-mail list, and posting in promo threads isn’t cutting it anymore?

Does it seem like everyone else online is boasting about their 5, 10, 20k months and you can’t consistently break that 1k month?

What’s the magic formula they have?


Does this sound familiar?

You’ve just started your business: and you know you want support from the very beginning so there’s no wasted time in getting consistent clients, growing your online home and nurturing those followers.

You’ve been in business for a period of time: but it feels like you’re still guessing at where to find clients, what to say to them and blindly going into sales calls without confidence and structure.

You seem to have a following of people online: but are they the wrong people? Maybe you attracted the wrong potential clients and now they won’t buy from you when you offer?

Your husband keeps asking when this expensive hobby is going to take off: have you tried everything and invested in so many programs your hubby is curious when your hard work is actually going to pay off… consistently.


imagine a business that

builds vision, grows community, easily generates leads, gains visibility, speaks directly to your ideal client and naturally has sales conversations.

Would you love to learn how to grow a genuine community online without having to spend hours scrolling Facebook?

Would creating content that connects with your ideal client in a consistent way sound exciting?

Is accountability, support and strategy just what your business needs to go from hobby to successful?

Now tell me what are you waiting for?

???? Program Name Overview????

Month 1 Goals and Purpose:

Vision and purpose of your business.

Goal setting and mapping out your ideal clients so the rest of the months we know who we are talking to and WHY we are talking to them.

Who you help and WHY you help them

Month 2 Community:

Community building. Strategies for avoiding the Facebook algorithm and pursuing meaningful relationships online without spending your life scrolling social media platforms.

How to read your social media insights to grow and nurture those relationships.

How to stop feeling spammy and show up in a way that feels good to you and those coming to hear from you.

Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter and begin building a genuine business to make sales and build relationships.

Month 3 Lead generation:

What makes a good lead magnet

Using Pinterest to boost your lead generation

Growing an e-mail list

Where and how to promote your lead magnet

Month 4 Visibility:

Where to get visible so your ideal clients find you

Tactics and strategies to grow your visibility and support to do so

Where should I be visible so that I’m not wasting time being everywhere at once

Month 5 Messaging:

Why does it seem like you are constantly posting and emailing and sharing but you still hear crickets?

Tackling the copy strategies that speak directly to your ideal client will grow a genuine following and promote sales and engagement.

Hearing from a copy strategist on writing copy that converts to paying clients

Month 6 Sales:

Learn strategies to speak to your ideal client that isn’t spammy or salesy

Sell from a place of confidence so your ideal client is excited to work with you

Creating packages that sell

This is for you if:

>>You have started your service-based business and you may be getting some clients, but you are just not seeing the results you desire.

>> You are overwhelmed with information about “all the things” you could do to grow your business but are struggling with IMPLEMENTING and actually taking action. Instead, you want a step by step strategy.

>> Although you have been working hard to build your business you are still unclear of your message, your target audience, or how to book consistent clients

>> You feel overwhelmed and like you are spinning your wheels and would love marketing and business strategies that get real results

>> You want to leverage your time and impact through automation but you are not sure where to start

>> You are incredibly passionate about what you do, have amazing ideas and want to leave a legacy but you feel "stuck" and are so ready to move forward.

This isn’t for you if:

>>you have a product based business. This program is for coaches who need marketing support. These strategies work, but are built for service based businesses.

>>you think this program will solve all of your problems by just working a magic formula. Marketing takes work and you need to be willing to show up for your business, your potential clients and for those in the group.

>>you know it all. If you aren’t willing to work in a group setting to learn and support those other members showing up.

How will this be taught:


~There will be bi-weekly group coaching calls where we'll all have an opportunity to hear from others about our messaging, our community ideas and all other aspects of our marketing. All calls will be recorded. ($1,000 value)

~I'll hop in randomly with bonus trainings to help you work through any roadblocks that are standing between you and getting clients. 

~I’ll show up to give you feedback on your work, answer your questions and support you with accountability to help you gain maximum forward movement.


~When you enroll you will get access to a private Facebook group with like-minded women cheering you on.

~The Facebook group will also have pop up trainings, feedback on your work throughout the months together from me and others, and possibility of an accountability partner if you choose.

~I'll review your content/materials to ensure you're on the right track (this includes landing pages, ads, emails, etc). ($397 value)

~I’ll have “office hours” where you can ask me questions during the week. I am committed to your success. This program is not a “DIY” type program.

Additional Resources:

~Guest Experts EACH month on the topics we are covering. Mindset, web design, Pinterest, time management, copy writing, and sales! (I’m SO excited about this option. ($1,500 value)

~Access to my Discover Your Profitable Purpose course. A 6 week course on identifying your passion, purpose, ideal client, writing a business plan and so much more. ($397 value)

What is the investment?


VIP Option: Group Coaching + Monthly 1:1 Call


Why me?

My name is Sarah Talbert. I’m a business coach and mentor for coaches wanting consistent clients in their business. My background is in accounting and business with a history of entrepreneurship in our family.

I love helping and supporting women like you who are focused, unwilling to give up and passionate about getting their ideas out into the world that needs them. Stop making excuses on why your business is or isn’t working, and let’s get to work!

Here is what women like you are saying:

Shannon Lambert, content creator for coaches

Working with Sarah is absolutely amazing! I came to her with a lot of ideas and very little focus. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know how to get there. Sarah helped me to narrow down my focus and work on just one thing at a time. I went from not knowing what to prioritize to knowing exactly what to do and how to do it! She gave me clarity and a strategy. I feel like she picked me up, dusted me off and put me on the fast track to growing a business. Now I am out there, meeting people, building relationships and learning a ton of new things. I have made more progress in the last couple of months than I had in the three years of trying before I met Sarah. If you are looking for a coach, I would highly recommend Sarah. She meets you right where you are at and gives you the strategy for moving forward.

Tricia Isham

, web designer

When I first started working with Sarah I felt scattered, like I knew the general direction I needed to go in, but just wasn’t sure how to get there. Sarah helped me get clear on the foundational items first, working on my own confidence in my abilities and offerings, which in turn helped me see clearly where I was going. Then she worked with me to form a plan to get there, an achievable step by step plan. She has a unique way about her that instills a calmness and challenges you at the same time to improve on where you are, and I truly appreciate that in her and that was just what I needed!

Cosette Remund, mindset coach

I worked with Sarah when I knew I wanted to start a new online business that was more inline with my passions and expertise, but I had no idea where to start when it didn't involve blogging and pinning. Connecting with Sarah and working with her for the first 3 months of my business was one of the best decisions I have made. She really helped open my eyes to the whole realm of possibilities for online businesses - including coaching. I had never before thought of coaching online and Sarah helped me realize that this was my true passion. After helping me identify this passion, Sarah did a great job of showing me the next steps for marketing an online business and getting everything started and rolling in the right direction. My absolute favorite part was the Voxer support she offered which allowed me to get answers and responses to questions as they came up (instead of having to wait for our next scheduled call). Without Sarah I wouldn't have even have started my journey to becoming a coach and I am so glad she was there to help show me the possibilities.

Any other questions?

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