3 Things to Spring Clean Your Business

Maybe you’ve put your offer out into the world, but it seems as if you hear crickets? Or maybe you’re doubting if your offer is “good enough” or “valuable enough.”

I’m here to tell you today three areas that you need to spring clean your business and optimize your coaching packages for sales!

Watch the video to learn what you’re missing.

Sarah Talbert
Where Joy and Profit Meet: 4 Steps to Find Your Zone of Genius

Are you struggling to find the joy and impact you want in your business? Come watch this Webinar I did on the ways to tackle imposter syndrome. Plus knowing this four step framework can help you build confidence and grow your profit n your online business.

If this has resonated with you, if you’ve enjoyed discovering your own zone of genius, now is the time to book a call. Let’s chat to see what support in your online business can do for you.

Sarah Talbert
2 Shifts You Need to Grow Your Profit

There’s a common theme running through every woman I speak to…

That is that they need to sign up for all the freebies, join one more training and then you’ll feel more purpose in your business. You’ll gain more traction, more validation and more clients if you just “do what I’m doing.”

That’s hogwash.

Watch this training video on the top 2 things my clients shift to gain more clarity in their own business.

Sarah Talbert
4 Questions to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

New beginnings... New Year... New introductions...

Do you remember the first time you met your spouse? For me, we met at 12 years old outside of a little bakery. (this bakery is still open and has THE BEST CREAM PUFFS EVER!!) But after meeting my spouse there, he began bringing me fresh, warm chocolate covered glazed donuts (my favorite at the time) to my bedroom window on Saturday mornings. (I KNOW, SO SWEET RIGHT??)

You see, he KNEW what I needed to wake up and get going in the morning. I'm not a morning person...

Still to this day, if he's home, he wakes up and makes the coffee for me (he doesn't even drink coffee). But he knows what I need to wake up!

I began to think about when your clients come to you... when they first meet you...

Do you know what they need to get going? Do you know how to help them get unstuck? What does that first introduction (your freebie) look like to them? Does it make them want you to keep bringing them donuts and coffee long term?

I did a free training over in my Facebook Group called 4 Questions to Create an Irresistible Free Opt In.

Your free opt in is your first introduction to more clients... are you offering their favorite donuts?

If you'd like help creating your own irresistible free offer, schedule a call here

Sarah Talbert
One Thing You May Be Missing In Your Marketing Plan

Hey hey Confident Moms!!

Today I wanted to talk to you about one step of your marketing plan you may be skipping. It is absolutely vital to grow your business online.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah Talbert. I’m a business coach and I help women discover their gifts so they can build a business that brings them joy and a profit.

So what are some of the steps of a marketing plan in general? We have things like pricing, your products and services in general, the strategies to get those products and services out into the world.

But watch this training to uncover the part you may be missing.

Sarah Talbert
Stop Throwing Spaghetti At the Wall: Your Ideal Client

Have you struggled with the noise in the marketplace? Do you feel like you’re throwing ideas and content at the wall hoping something sticks?

This video training is for you if you need to get clear on who your ideal client is, and how to help them.

We often think we need to create new products and services, but in reality our clients need us to stay consistent in what we offer them.

Sarah Talbert
Competition: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Do you struggle with standing out in all of the noise? Sometimes we want to speak directly to our ideal clients, but we don’t have the words to say.

Watch this video training on ways to research your competition.

I spoke about three places you can find your competition and how to use what they do to benefit your sales and gain inspiration!

The three places to look are you social media platforms, conferences in your niche and your own customers! I talk about ways to strategically look for holes in the competition and also benefit from their successes.

Sarah Talbert
Your Target Market

In the online world it seems like the noise is deafining and everyone else begging you to buy their product. So I want you to take some time and think through these two things.

First off, WHO is your audience and second we need to uncover WHY they would buy from you!

This is SO important! We often start business thinking we can just reach everyone. There is a reason it sounds like you’re speaking so often and only getting crickets! Because if you aren’t sure of WHO you serve, the customer isn’t sure either. You’ve got to get super super specific on who you help. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time, you’ve heard before that you need to narrow down who you help.

Sarah Talbert
Business Highlight: Dara Simons

Do you feel as if business were out of your league? Does business feel daunting? In these interviews I will be highlighting women just like you with families, busy lives and businesses.

Skills are something we have to water and cultivate in order for them to get better. So take the time to find that thing that interests you and start learning. Start growing. Start watering that idea to make it a dream come true.

Business has to simply have an idea and a Facebook group, or in Dara’s case a website! She can help you DIY a delightful website! So watch this interview and be encouraged that business is attainable!

If you’d like help starting or growing your business idea, schedule a free discovery call right here

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Your Fear is Real: Now What?

Are you in a place where you have fear? Do you have that nudge that God wants you to start that business? Maybe you’ve started it, but you know you need to grow it by becoming more visible, talking to more people about it, investing some money in yourself to grow your skills? Or maybe you need to start leading that woman’s Bible study but there’s FEAR!! Today I want you to think of Esther. That woman possibly could have DIED doing what she did to save her community. So in moving forward, in taking the step in fear, know that what God has planned for you is greater than you can imagine and greater than your fear. God has not given us a spirit of Fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. So go, use that mind and that love to serve others from a place of excitement, not fear!!!

~If you’d like a free call to see how we can kick that fear to the curb and start growing your business, let’s chat!~

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Client Love:

If you’ve been curious what it would be like to work with me, this is a STAR student Hannah Muldery. She came to me unfocused and scattered. She left feeling bold and confident in pursuing her God given talents. She now is making more money than ever before while enjoying her work.

~If you’d like a chance to have results like Hannah, sign up for a free call below

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How Do I know I’m Doing the Right Thing?

Do you ever wonder if you’re on the “right path?” Have you ever struggled with am I making the right choices in business? This video training gives you 5 ways to know if you’re doing the right thing! If you enjoy this training, sign up for my FREE Discover Your Purpose training, right here:

Sarah Talbert
2 Mistakes When Starting Your Business

Do you feel like you’ve never really GROWN from where you started? Maybe decisions come up on what you need to do to GROW your business? Or maybe you have that nudge in your heart to really just START that dream you’ve had living in you for a while.

I also have clients that actually START something but then become scattered, unfocused and lose momentum in where their dream is headed.2 mistakes when starting your business:

Sarah Talbert
Feeling Verses Fact

Who you are isn’t what you think or feel… it’s deeper! As a Christian business woman, or a Christian woman wanting to start their own business… our identity gets wrapped up in all kinds of things… like our work, our children, our families. How do you tackle what your identity really is and all those feelings of insecurity, lack of purpose, who you used to be before kids and what you REALLY AND TRULY ARE?

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