Launch Your Challenge

4 weeks to Create, Promote and

Launch Your Challenge

Have you ever:

Tried to launch a new program or service, but felt like it just fell on deaf ears?

Felt like you need to grow your audience BEFORE you can even attempt launching?

Maybe you’ve:

Launched your coaching business but know there has a to be a way to reach MORE people WITHOUT having to pay for ads?

Launched with a challenge but know that there’s got to be a way to get better results from it?


Let’s Launch a Challenge

to grow an engaged community

and skyrocket your sales


how does this sound:

Having a process that you can rinse, wash, and repeat over and over again to bring in more income?

Bringing in warm leads authentically into your business?

Creating a thriving community that is engaged?

How about this:

Growing your own audience that is excited to buy from you?

Being able to CONFIDENTLY sell your programs & services?

Positioning yourself as an expert and naturally building the crucial “Know, Like, & Trust” factor?


Why a challenge?

Challenges have been a sustaining form of income in my business. I used them to start my own thriving community. I’ve also consistently used them as a strategy to build relationships, build trust in my expertise, and grow my SALES. My FIRST sale ever was a 12 week coaching package through a challenge I ran with a community of 50. If you have no audience or have a thriving community, a challenge is an amazing way to bring in consistent income and visibility to you and your business.

In this Launch Your Challenge process:

~You will walk through how to run a fully structured launch plan (that can be duplicated over and over again!) so that you don’t waste time structuring other strategies

~You will learn strategies to sell with authenticity so that you’re not second guessing yourself

~You will show how to create e-mail sequences, workbooks and all the content needed for a successful launch so that you’ll save loads of time

~You will create a content calendar for your Launch Your Challenge process, including email, social media posts and LIVE trainings so that you have examples of content that’s converted before

~You will create a juicy and irresistible topic so that your audience is engaged before you even start your challenge

~AND you’ll have VOXER and TECH support 1:1 to get you launched and running with confidence

This package includes 2 one on one calls with me, including a strategy call to get all your pieces in order and a second call after we’ve launched your challenge to tweak and debrief about the amazing work you did!

If you’re ready to:

Grow your income

Create an easily reproducible source of growth for your business

Stop hesitating on getting visible

Position yourself as an expert and build the Know Like and Trust

In this 1:1, 4 week program:

Week 1:

Set intentions

Create topic your ideal clients are ready for

Create content for social media that gets your potential audience engaged even before the first day of your challenge

Find where your ideal client is hanging out searching for answers

Week 2:

Promotional content curated

Create emails and worksheets you’ll use during your challenge to keep your audience learning at a deeper level than a normal LIVE training does

Map out your LIVE videos so that people can see your face and build that know, like, and trust

Creating the most efficient form of marketing so you can spend time doing what you love… supporting those who show up

Week 3:


We have all the pieces put together for you to show up confidently

We will walk through what you’re selling and how to sell it authentically

Mindset work so you can show up excited DAILY for those who want to hear from you

Creating after-challenge promotional content so that you can continue to sell after the challenge is over

Week 4:

Follow up on what went well and how to tweak for your next challenges

How to have sales calls that convert

If you’re ready: then let’s

Launch a Challenge

in 4 weeks to make it all possible

No more excuses… if you’re excited to launch a challenge… I’m excited to support you 1:1