You flutter around my mind as if you will release your magic

Then you flitter off 

Never landing
Never touching my thoughts.

A sleight of hand, 

A trickster.

Inspiration teasing, 

Always, almost there.

I go for a walk, 

Hoping to catch you 

Almost there, 

A child’s laugh as ice cream drips down her chin.

A grandma’s wrinkled hand catches the dripping giggles of sweetness.

A breeze tickling the leaves, and

The taste of coffee drizzled with cream. 

Then I realized:

Inspiration, you aren’t elusive

You want to be chased 

You want to be pursued

Like a lover, calling, texting, flirting. 


You aren’t behind computer screens 

Nor do you hide behind office doors.

You’re roaming streets and strolling beaches.
You’re gliding across dancefloors and 

You’re mingling within long conversations with friends.


Your fluttering isn’t because you’re hiding, 

It’s because you like to dance,

And flirt

And play.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Carroll Daugherty

    Poetry is art. And like all art, some is appealing to a person, and some does not.
    This poem I found very appealing.
    Inspiration is found often when you aren’t looking for it.

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