Beautifully Dwelling

Hospitality Resources

Hospitality doesn’t have to be fancy, elaborate or difficult. Some of the best times I’ve had in my home are times when it was a simple cookie, a glass of sweet tea or a hot cup of coffee.

I hope these hospitality resources will allow the simplicity of entertaining guests, friends and family to become more a part of your daily life.

Beautifully Dwelling

The Meal

This is my FAVORITE cup of coffee. Grown by friends. Roasted by friends. Enjoyed by friends. I'd love to know how you like it.

If coffee isn't your thing, OR you'd like to have another option for guests. This tea set includes my favorite flavors. Earl Grey being one of them.

These biscotti pair with essentially any cup of coffee or any cup of tea you serve your guests. Hospitality does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Having these in my pantry have proved to be essential to spontaneous guests coming over.

Beautifully Dwelling

Scripture for your home

Scripture for your home, to help remind you and others of God's word.

Inside My Faith Journey you'll discover a full year of spiritual activities, designed to help you to grow with God week by week.

Mighty, pure, confident, and beautiful-simply attach scripture card to the front of the foil stamped display box with the Faux Gemstone magnet and enjoy the easy viewing of the scripture as you memorize and meditate on God's truth

Beautifully Dwelling


This book has spoken into my heart in ways that are hard to put into words for even me. If you want to learn the gift and beauty that Biblical hospitality can be for you, or if you want to be stretched in your place of comfort, this book is for you.

If you struggle with ways to be creative in hospitality, this book is beautifully done. It allows you to sit with its pages and easily pull off a lovely dinner.

Charcuterie Boards are very popular right now. You can't go wrong when hosting a dinner party with one of these boards. Grab all your favorite cheeses, dips, crackers and stories to share with those you love.

Beautifully Dwelling


I love this bowl for serving warm bread, a bowl of fruit, or if I become high achieving... a bowl of homemade muffins.

Something about adding wooden spoons to a salad, even a bagged salad, brings a warmth and comfort to those at the table.

Cutting boards are an amazing addition to begin your hospitality journey. Add some cheese and fruit and you've opened up your home to God centered conversation.