Letting go of anxiety


We fear the unknown and the known. 

We fear spiders and hurricanes,

Roller coasters and public speaking

We fear not having enough while simultaneously fearing losing what we have

We’re fragile people

Craning our necks around corners hoping to see glimpses of our future 

Attempting a plan for what’s next, 

“No surprises,” we say. 

As we duck back and hide when what we see isn’t what we hoped

We crave stability 

As we desire freedom with wild abandon

We want to be seen

Hiding our secrets cloaked in perfectionism and efficiency

“Look at me,” we say.

“I’m doing so well,” we announce.

Hoping no one sees that fear is truly behind the wheel 

Driving and swerving us into relationships, careers, and dreams we never truly wanted.

Steering us into the very things that will destroy us. 


What if the fear and pain that grips so tightly could be told: “Be still.”

What if our fears turned to face the one who knows our end from our beginning?

What if peeking around corners meant encountering someone who is already there, preparing a way? 

Waiting for you to stop peeking.

Stop hiding.

So you can cling tightly to his pierced side and hear him whisper:

“Come as you are.”

“I’ve got you.”

“My perfect love casts out fear.”

Letting go of anxiety