• Do I actually work with Sarah Talbert? : YES! I'm am passionate about actively being a part of my customers journey! I am so excited to be helping you discover the real you and personally equipping you to use the gifts God gave you!

  • What is the amount of time spent with you? : You get 12 weeks of support in the form of 1 hour WEEKLY phone call via Zoom. Plus unlimited support via text/messenger.

  • I don't even have a business idea!: This is kind of what I love to do! Helping you brainstorm to go from that small nudge to a huge dream!

  • What are the benefits? I feel like that's a lot of money to invest! : It took me a long time to realize the benefit of hiring my own coach to help me pursue my dreams! Sometimes we need someone else's eyes and hands to help push us along. The benefits of hiring a coach myself were confidence that I could do it. I got a community of women who help support me in my growing pains, and we kicked that loneliness to the curb! And of course a real life business plan to overcome fear and make that money!