Do you find yourself:

Downloading all the freebies and feeling more confused than ever?

Do you feel as if you’re everywhere, all the time hustling Facebook to find another client?

Does getting clients feel like a roller coaster?

Are you exhausted from laying awake at night wondering where your next client is even coming from?

How would it feel to:

Know exactly where to find the right clients.

Wake up every day with a clear plan so you stay on track to faster, consistent results.

Understand which activities actually bring in clients so you can free up time to spend it however you want!

Have consistent income in your business to finally feel like your business is successful.

This all inclusive coaching program will allow you to be visible in all the right places, strategically and confidently.


6 Month Exclusive One on One coaching includes

Private Coaching Calls

You will get 3 45 minute calls per month for 6 months. This is a chance to get a deeper look into what’s working and what isn’t in your own business to skyrocket your sales, authenticity and focus

Unlimited Support via Voxer/Email

This support is what my clients love about working with me. I am accessible to them whenever they have a question or thought about their next steps during this 6 months. I’m available Monday Through Friday during business Hours. No fluff, just strategy and clarity to move you forward.

Access to any courses or paid trainings

you will get trainings outside of just our one on one support. You will have access to trainings in the areas of: Your ideal client, your brand values, setting goals and sticking to them. All of this is offered to those who sign up for this package. Discover Your profitable purpose course will give you clarity and focus to build a sure business foundation.

Clarity, Support and Accountability

You want to grow your business and in order to do that you know that you need someone to push you harder than you will push yourself. You will get “no fluff” answers that help you reach your goals of more impact, income and clarity. If you’re ready to do the work, we can get there together.

Hope and wishful thinking is not a strategy
— Me


Client love


Laura Rike

Thank you! I’m now excited again about my services. There’s no room left for fear in my business because what’s replaced it is excitement.

I’m launching my business in places I never had before because you’ve encouraged me and not allowed me to say no to my own dreams.


Tricia Isham

We have laid an amazing foundation. Every week has been perfectly selected to lead into the next week. I feel fully prepared to continue moving forward in my new business idea!


Hannah Muldery

Before working with Sarah I was struggling and feeling defeated as a business owner. Now I walk into places and share my work with confidence. I have taken huge strides in changing from hobby minded to business minded. I’ve boldly been able to ask people to pay the prices I know I’m worth and my products are worth.


Dara Simons

I’ve been in business for 4 years but was still lacking the basic foundation to really grow. I was always overwhelmed trying to create a business plan, but Sarah broke it down step by step and made it soo easy! It helped me plan out my next steps so I confidently grow my business. Now I know where I am heading, what I need to do to get there, and what I can skip doing without feeling guilty about it! If you’re serious about getting help figuring out the practical steps to grow your business, this is for you!


some of the Topics we tackle

-brand values

-business goals

-ideal client

-email funnels

-list building

-launching a new or old service

-your purpose and vision

-packaging your offers

-sales support

-standing out in the noise

-being visible to your RIGHT clients

-get visible and STAY visible


6 months may seem like a long term investment, and it is just that… an investment! Imagine in 6 months how your life can change.

What have you been able to accomplish in the last 6 months on your own?

Are you where you dreamed you would be?

Are you ready to do something different to make sure you don't waste another 6 months?

Imagine more money in your bank account.

Imagine that evenings are filled with laughter in your home because the stress is melted away in your finances, family relationships and your own anxiety because client's are coming to you.


6 X $895

or paid in full at $4997

-3 calls per month

-limited spaces available

-first payment due immediately


Why me?

I’m a business and purpose coach that helps women like you use their gifts to build a business that brings them JOY and a PROFIT.

I struggled for years trying to find my place in this world. Along the journey I’ve developed skills to help you start and grow your own business from a place of authenticity.

I am located in Maryland where I’m married to my middle school sweetheart and home school my three children.

I now chase my dreams fearlessly and contribute to the family finances. Because of that my children and spouse are free to do the same. I’m setting an example for those around me to be brave, confident and strategic.

Still have questions before jumping in? Schedule a free call below.

Stop hesitating, don’t wait… LET’S DO THIS!