Client Love:

If you’ve been curious what it would be like to work with me, this is a STAR student Hannah Muldery. She came to me unfocused and scattered. She left feeling bold and confident in pursuing her God given talents. She now is making more money than ever before while enjoying her work.


How Do I know I’m doing the right thing:

Do you ever wonder if you’re on the “right path?” Have you ever struggled with am I making the right choices in business? This video training gives you 5 ways to know if you’re doing the right thing! If you enjoy this training, sign up for my FREE Discover Your Purpose training, right here:


2 mistakes when starting your business:

Do you feel like you’ve never really GROWN from where you started? Maybe decisions come up on what you need to do to GROW your business? Or maybe you have that nudge in your heart to really just START that dream you’ve had living in you for a while.

I talk to clients all the time that say they want to start a business but then the idea sits with them for a long time!

I also have clients that actually START something but then become scattered, unfocused and lose momentum in where their dream is headed.


Feeling Verses Fact:

Who you are isn’t what you think or feel… it’s deeper! As a Christian business woman, or a Christian woman wanting to start their own business… our identity gets wrapped up in all kinds of things… like our work, our children, our families. How do you tackle what your identity really is and all those feelings of insecurity, lack of purpose, who you used to be before kids and what you REALLY AND TRULY ARE?