Beautifully Dwelling

Audio Devotionals

Hearing God’s word is powerful. If you’re looking for a way to focus on one area of your life to speak the truth of God’s Word into, or if you just prefer to listen to God’s word, these audio devotionals are for you.

A New Approach To
Dwelling with God

Dwelling with God

Do you feel distant from God? He’s near for those wanting to DWELL with Him. A 4 part audio devotional to walk through how to dwell with God in your day to day. 

Biblical Hospitality

Biblical Hospitality

Hospitality doesn’t have to be hard or fancy. Hospitality isn’t fancy dessert or high end table settings. Join me for an audio devotional on Biblical hospitality. 

Dwell with God

Wandering Abraham

Do you ever feel like God told you to go to a place that’s unknown, and now you’re wandering? Join me as I walk through how to wander well, like Abraham. 


devotionals for you

If you prefer to read what God is doing in my life and others in the form of reading, then join me below.

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