About Me

Did you ever dream small? Thinking maybe if you just started some kind of business that it would satisfy? You dreamed of contributing to the family finances and hopefully do something outside of being mom?

That was me!

I even got a degree in something I'm HORRIBLE IN! Not the cheapest route to fulfilling my dreams, right?!?

Hey I'm Sarah Talbert, your business coach.

I struggled for years living someone else's dream.  Not because of pressure from my family, but because of me! I LOVED being a mom, but I began to find my identity in only being a mother. And THAT was draining!

Motherhood was not meant to be your total source of satisfaction, but then again, neither was business. I had to find my identity in Christ, who he says I am and then the real journey began.

I began to understand that he gave me gifts, talents and abilities to SHARE with the world... which meant my kids, my spouse, my neighborhood and more.

Now, I've found confidence in who I am, what I'm good at and I bring that clarity to you.

I want moms all around to know that they are unique, and if you have that nudge to start a business… NOW IS THE TIME!

I help women build a business that brings them joy and a profit.

I help moms discover their profitable niche, gain confidence in their offerings and grow their clients. I do this through coaching programs, Live Training and my Free Facebook Group.

If any of this sounds exciting, let me know! I'd love to chat with you.