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secrets of the wildflowers

Secrets of the wildflowers

A new Christian historical fiction novel about Miu’s journey is coming soon!

Her heart aches for freedom, to bloom like the wildflowers she adores. Join Miu on a journey to learn true freedom.



Do you want to experience God in your daily life? Gain practical insight and guidance on staying connected with God and dwelling in His presence. 


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Do you attend a book club? Here’s a guide to help you dive deeper into the story. Access the book club guide for “Secrets of the Wildflowers.” Get discussion and trivia questions, while learning more about why the book was written. 

Meet Sarah


Sarah Talbert is an enthusiastic storyteller who loves to explore the complexities of faith. She uses her creative writing to inspire others in their own spiritual journey. 


Sarah has a deep passion for making God famous. By using her gifts as a Christian Historical Fiction author and blogger, Sarah shares powerful stories that honor the beauty of humanity while pointing readers toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. 


Sarah loves fostering community through discipleship, hospitality, and practical evangelism. She also runs her own copywriting business, focusing on giving other businesses opportunities for their voice to be heard.

Do you like historical fiction?

In the heart of ancient Ur, where the gods cast shadows and tradition weaves the fabric of life, Secrets of the Wildflowers unfolds the captivating tale of Miu, a spirited young woman determined to bloom amid the constraints of her culture, family, and the ancient deities that hold sway.

When tragedy strikes, and her beloved brother becomes a sacrifice to the gods, Miu embarks on a courageous journey to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and unearth her true purpose. Inspired by the resilient wildflowers that thrive against all odds, Miu is driven to forge her own path and create a name for herself. 

As Miu navigates running her own tavern, friendship with an unlikely courier, and supporting an abandoned child, she finds herself crossing paths with Abram, a figure of significance from the Bible. In their encounters, Abram imparts profound wisdom, revealing that, like the wildflowers, Miu is created to be unique. Yet, he guides her to embrace the very boundaries that enable her to flourish.

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